Wednesday (1/9/19): Kruger National Park

Wednesday was our first full day of Kruger National Park. If you don’t know anything about Kruger National Park, it is very comparable to Yellowstone National Park in the U.S. It is around the size of Israel, which doesn’t make imagining the size very easy. Let me just say this- it is huge! At the park you are allowed to drive your own car through or you can rent a jeep while you are at the park. We rented a safari jeep and it was a great experience. There are camps throughout the park where you can stay overnight, so each day you can explore something and someplace different. We stayed at Satara, as mentioned in the last posts. Pictures of the camp are also included. Throughout the camp there are also rest stops and little stores along the way. At Kruger, you aren’t allowed to leave your vehicle, as you are in the wild. However, you get so amazingly close to the wild animals, you forget you are in a car.

Wednesday we drove about 10 hours total throughout the park. Looking back now, 10 hours was a crazy amount of time. However, I was never bored! Everything was so new and amazing. Even if we didn’t see anything for an hour or so on end, I still was amazed at the fact that we were enjoying the weather, wildlife, and each other’s company. I won’t lie, a couple times in the afternoon my eyes grew a bit heavy and I probably dozed off a little. Now I know what you’re thinking- how in the world could you fall asleep while in a safari jeep in South Africa? Well, it’s a pretty simple answer. Between the jet lag and the early mornings/late nights I was dragging pretty good. Even as a college student I wasn’t prepared for the lack of sleep. It was rough but I made it through.

We saw a lot of elephant, zebras, wildebeest, and impalas at the park. Some of the other interesting animals we saw there was the Greater Kudu, Waterbuck, hyenas, and giraffe! Seeing these animals up close absolutely blew my mind- and still does. It still feels surreal that I was in South Africa so close to these animals.

December and January are the main months for newborns and births. So sorry in advance for all of the baby hyena pictures- I couldn’t get enough of how sweet they were!

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